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Best 5 Undermount Kitchen Sink in 2019


Undermount sinks is the new standard when it comes to kitchen sinks as it makes your kitchen look amazing. Whether you’re a newly wed couple looking for a new home or simply looking to renovate your kitchen, choosing a suitable kitchen sink is one of the most important decisions you need to make. Here are our top 5 choices of the best undermount kitchen sinks in 2019.

Ruvati 32-inch Workstation Ledge Undermount 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Single Bowl – RVH8300

At first glance, the number of accessories and functionalities stand out among other kitchen sinks. Most users love the workmanship, size and the thickness of the stainless steel at 16-gauge. Numerous users also commended the thick rubber padding at the base of the sink which minimises noise as well as how beautiful the new sink looks in their kitchen. 

The purchase comes with a solid Mahogany chopping board and stainless steel colander which can act as a strainer, all fitting nicely right above the sink. This gives extra countertop space as the sink can double-up as space for food preparation. In addition, the purchase includes a roll-up rack that sits over the sink, acting as a drying rack after the meal.

A few people have commented that the stainless steel can get scratches but many others have acknowledged and responded that its a quick fix using scratch removers. The wooden chopping board is also nof of the best quality, but definitely serves its purpose.

Overall, definitely a great purchase for anyone looking to give their kitchen a professional facelift. 

✓ Deep and spaciousMay get scratches
Able to strain, dry and prepare food over the sink
Thick gauge – good noise reduction
Lip on 2 of the sides – able to rest one of the accessories perfectly
High quality stainless steel, 16-gauge
Free accessories: drying rack, wooden board and strainer
Good value for money
Great workmanship
Easy Installation
Good packaging during delivery

KHU100-32 – Kraus Standart PRO 32-inch 16 Gauge Undermount Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

This sink is extra-deep at 10 inches which many users love, as it not only accommodates large spots and skillets, but also contains most of the water splashing. Many people found the noise dampening technology very helpful, with none of the users complaining that the sink is too loud. 

Some users also love the tray that comes with the product purchase, as it lets the sink double-up as a drying rack which saves valuable countertop space. Other love how value for money this purchase is, given the size and strong reputation of Kraus as a sink manufacturer.

There were complains by some users who pointed out that their sinks had signs of scratching and rusting within the first few months.While more meticulous users find that this is not an issue, users looking for a fuss-free purchase may find the upkeep of the sink tedious.

✓ Value for money✗ Deep sink could make installation difficult
✓Dent-resistant 16-gauge T304 Stainless steel✗ Scratches and rusts easily
✓3.5 inch drain opening
✓Resilient and easy to clean
✓ Sound-proofing covering over 80% of the sink
✓ Extra deep sink
✓ Lifetime limited warranty
✓Free accessories including
stainless steel dish grid, 3-piece basket strainer, mounting hardware,

Lordear Black Kitchen Sink, 32 Inch Black Undermount Sink Drop in Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Lordear Black Kitchen Sink, 32 Inch Black Undermount Sink Drop in Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Made of T304 16-gauge black nano stainless steel, this sink is an elegant choice for users who are looking for the benefits of stainless steel with a twist. Many users love the design and commended the price on being extremely competitive. As the steel uses 16-gauge stainless steel, the noise insulation is loved by many purchasers. 

The sink is deep at 10-inch, which allows for large pots and skillets to be placed in the sink without worrying about water splashing using washing. The sink also comes with a drying rack that allows the sink to double-up as a drying rack after meals. Along with that, the package includes a set of Apron, gloves and oven mits which are great value-adds alongside this purchase.

High quality sink with good
Brackets provided may not be of
good quality
Sturdy sink
16-gauge stainless steel – good noise reduction
Great appearance with black stainless steel
Better hardness – up to 50% more scratch resistant to general nano
✓ Extra deep sink
Great packaging
Value for money
Free accessories: stainless steel
dish grid, basket strainer, cotton
apron, oven gloves and oven mits

Kraus KGD-433B 33 1/2 inch Dual Mount 50/50 Double Bowl Black Onyx Granite Kitchen Sink

Kraus KGD-433B 33 1/2 inch Dual Mount 50/50 Double Bowl Black Onyx Granite Kitchen Sink - undermount sink

This composite granite sink is loved by many users due to its modern aesthetic and sparkle on the sink when sunlight shines over it. The unique colour and clean look of the sink had many users raving over their purchases even after a year.

With a depth of 9.5inches, users found it sufficient for their use and installation easy with the guides and installation tools that come with the purchase. People also love that the sink is sturdier than others, leading to it being more suppression and highly resistant to scratches. 

One of the drawbacks of the sink is maintaining and keeping the sink clean, as the sink has to be wiped down otherwise there may be signs of water stains on the sink. Overall, most of the users love their purchase and rate it as a great value for a composite granite sink.

✓ Premium granite composite with 80% natural quartz✗ Hard to maintain
✓Modern aesthetic
✓Rich non-fading color due to UV-stable material
✓ Hygienic non-porous surface
✓ Easy draining with sloped bottom
✓ 50/50 Double Sink
✓Can be installed as undermount or drop-in sink
✓ Limited life-time warranty
Free accessories: stainless steel
dish grid, basket strainer, cotton
apron, oven gloves and oven mits

Sinkology Sisley 17-inch Bar Prep Copper Sink in Hammered Antique copper

Sinkology Sisley 17-inch Bar Prep Copper Sink in Hammered Antique copper - copper undermount kitchen sink

Many users love the copper sink for its elegance and beautiful colour, and raved about how it’s well-made and does not stain easily. People also appreciated that it fits a standard kitchen sink drain and is deep enough for regular use. 

Users have feedback that leaving food or soap overnight on the sink has led to signs of bleaching from the acid, but noted that they usually darken to the same colour after a few weeks. Maintenance is also high as it requires monthly waxing to retain its colour.

For people who are looking for a copper sink, we’ll definitely recommend this product for its price and unique aesthetic. 

✓ Handmade from heavy duty 16-gauge pure solid copper✗ Hard to maintain
✓Handcrafted and hand-hammered
✓Ever changing design due to natural Patina
✓Affordable copper sink
✓ Deeper (9 inch) and larger than most other copper sinks
✓ Flat bottom design
✓ Lifetime warranty
✓ Limited life-time warranty

Buying Guide for Undermount Kitchen Sinks

stainless steel undermount kitchen sink
Stainless Steel Undermount Sink


Undermount sinks have grown in popularity largely due to its aesthetics, often regarded as an essential in a premium kitchen. With new homes moving towards contemporary designs, the clean and minimalistic look of the undermount sink fits perfectly into many interior design layouts.


Undermount sinks have rims that are beneath the countertop, which means that water and mould does not get trapped in between. As the sink drops right from the edge of the countertop, cleaning is also a breeze as you can just use a cloth and sweep all the food debris into the sink. 


If you’re living in an apartment with a small kitchen, undermount sinks can give you that extra work space (up to half a square foot) to prepare your meals. For maximum space efficiency, deep undermount sinks in a single bowl can be used to give you room you never thought you had. 

Limitations of Undermount sinks


As the undermount sink is not fully supported by the countertop, the choice of material becomes relevant as the sink may require additional in-built support. This can drive up cost depending on the size and type of material you have chosen.

Not easily replaceable

Undermount sinks need to be fitted under the countertop, so it’s more difficult to replace as opposed to drop-sinks. This means that you’ll have to take better care of the sink to make sure there are minimal scratches and dents.

Choosing the best material

composite granite undermount kitchen sink
Composite Granite Sink

Stainless Steel

With its lightweight, durability and affordability, stainless steel is by-far the most common choice of material for undermount sinks. Stainless steel sinks also come in the most variety of size and depths so it’s easy to a sink that fits into your kitchen.

Stainless steel used to be very noisy but most top quality kitchen sinks now include sound-absorbing pads at the base of the sink, so this isn’t much of an issue these days. If you’re getting a stainless steel with a thin gauge, scratches may appear after prolonged usage, but can be solved easily using scratch removers.

Composite Granite

Unique in texture and colour, composite granite undermount sinks are perfect for homeowners who want their kitchen to stand out. Composite granite has great resistance against scratching and hard impact, while it’s density makes it a natural sound-absorbing material. 

The main limitation of composite granite in undermount sinks is its weight and cost. These sinks require additional support most of the time and can further drive up cost. If not cleaned properly, lighter coloured sinks may stain and finishings may dull if not cleaned regularly.


If you have a granite or wooden countertop, copper sinks are excellent compliments to your current kitchen layout. Majority of copper kitchen sinks have a hammered finish, and popular choices due to its natural antimycobacterial properties. Copper also has a “living finish”, giving it a beautiful and raw look which can make many kitchens stand out.

Similar to granite, copper sinks face similar issues of being a heavier material and more costly to stainless steel. The patina (naturally formed dark surface on copper) can make your sink look dull over time and may not be suitable for homeowners who want to maintain a particular look over time.


Most sink purchases come with a template and instructions on how to install your own undermount sink. However, these can be rather technical and if it’s the first time you’re fixing a sink, it could prove to be challenging. 
To help you out, here’s an excellent video that shows you how to go about doing it.

Easy DIY Installation for Undermount Sinks

Alternatively, you can contact your local sink installer to do the installation for you while you sit back and relax.

My Top Choice

Overall, all the top sinks reviewed are excellent options for different households but my favourite sink would have to be the Ruvati 32-inch Workstation Ledge Undermount 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Single Bowl – RVH8300.

I love the functionality of the sink and space optimisation, from a chopping board that naturally fits into the grooves of your sink to the strainer and rollable dish rack. I’ve never seen any other sink with these features and on a high-quality 16-gauge sink. 

I’m quite cautious when it comes to my online purchases so I always check the warranty as well as the reviews that come with the product to make sure that I’m aware of any potential setbacks from the purchase. Most of them involve the chopping board not being of the highest quality which is something that I can live with, especially since it’s not part of the main sink.

Hopefully you enjoyed my review of the best undermount sinks in 2019! As always, just shoot me an email with any questions or hiccups. Happy to help move things along.

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